Best Children’s Cartoons to improve your English #20-10



Most children start school already able to speak English naturally. Many of my students ask me  how do children learn to speak a language at such a young age without ever learning it in school? That is because these infants have spent thousands of hours everyday watching TV mostly cartoons. The fact is that watching children cartoons is a great way to improve English. Cartoons were made in order to teach and educate children. Each episode has a specific theme and moral lesson to be learned. It is a great way to listen to casual conversations between the characters and how they resolve problems with one another. Growing up I got to enjoy watching many cartoons some of which I still enjoy watching in my spare time. The following is part one of a two part list of the best cartoons to watch to improve your English.


20. Gummi Bears


19.  Duck Tales


18. Tiny Toons



17.  Animaniacs


16. Tale Spin



15. Darkwing Duck



14. Chip n Dale Rescue Ranger



13. Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?



12.  Jackie Chan Adventures



11.  Captain Planet



10.  X – Men




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